T H E   V  I  S  I  O N    A  N  D    H  E  A  R  T   O F     T H E     M A R K E T

I put bits of my soul, heart and vision into building this marketplace. What many do not know is that Carry Africa started as a photo project. I wanted to photograph places, people and pasts that reminded me of home.

I thought for a second I was Nigel Barker, Brandon Stanton or Bob Pixel.

I shared this idea with a photography tutor that I met and he said, "My friend has been doing the same project for years". Great minds think alike, they say. He showed me a few of his photos and I knew I was in the wrong business.

Beautiful people, places and art.

I felt my idea was best developed by him but it gave me a stir. A stir to share, represent and carry Africa forward.

So after I coined the phrase and hashtag #CarryAfrica, I listened to the part of home in my heart and it pointed me to this place.. a marketplace..where we are now.

My goal is to bring all of you to my world and my world to you all.

Bloom with me.